Healing Religion's Harm


Rembrandt, "The Sacrifice of Isaac"Gary Pence, Ph.D.

  • How are we to think of "God" -- as a jealous, judgmental tyrant; as a cosmic benevolence from which we have nothing to fear; as an imaginative symbol that responds to the human need for a rational, orderly, and purposeful universe; or . . . ?
  • How are we to think of human beings -- as by nature corrupt sinners, as innocents perverted by society, as limited evolutionary "works-in-progress", or . . . ?
  • How are we to think of Jesus' death on a cross -- as a penalty for human sin, as a sign of the generosity of "God's" love, as an instance of imperial oppression thwarted by Easter, or . . . ?
Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly." Yet Christian teachings have often confused and disturbed believers and led to violence, abuse, and suffering.  They have ridiculed and rebuffed modern critical thinking  and required believers to choose between faith and free inquiry.

This web site is a resource for anyone who wants to get clear about the potential problems posed by Christian teachings and find remedies for them. It contains links to sites that raise questions and offer answers, and I present some of my own. My goal is that visitors to this site will find help in constructing a healthy faith that conveys and expresses life in all its fullness.