Source of inexpressible goodness, wholeness, and joy: You saw from the beginning that it is not good for us to be alone. And out of those first undifferentiated cells of our origins you somehow derived, not simply multiple clones, but, finally, a humanity marked by difference—of gender, of race, of size and shape, difference of self-identity, of personality and attitude, opinion, association, difference of perceptions, passions. And across these lines of many differences you have invited us to connect, to care, to love. Cherish and support our differences in this class, O compassionate one. Help us to receive with wonder and gratitude the variant views expressed, to savor the windows to the intimate life of another human soul our self-disclosures offer. And let our own souls and psyches and, yes, bodies, be instructed, enlightened, and enriched by this tender intercourse in your blessed name.