Embodied and incarnate One, when you created our first parents, you looked at them, at the bodies that they were, their naked bodies, and you smiled and said, Good! Good! This is very good! You are very good! You saw the contours of their faces—noses, eyes, mouths, chins, hair, and you said with pleasure, „Very Good." You saw their torsos, the curves of their bodies, their shoulder, arms and legs, hands and feet, fingers and toes, all the muscles, bones, vessels, nerves that connected them, gave them strength and beauty and you said with high delight, „Very Good!" This is very good." You looked with special interest at what made them each distinctive and special, not just their size and the softness or hardness of their flesh, not just their height or the breadth of their shoulders, but you also looked with approval at the man’s chest and nipples, his navel (Yes, surely he had a navel.), the bushiness of hair between his legs and the delicate stem, his penis, the two oh so vulnerable testicles suspended trustingly in his tiny sac; you studied intently and with joy the woman’s breasts and nipples, her navel, and hidden in the bushiness of hair between her legs the lovely, intriquate folds of her labia and the proud clitoris nestled patiently waiting for its first touch, you gazed in wonder and amazement at these our first parents and you exclaimed for the whole cosmos to hear, „Good! Very, very good!" As we also study our bodies, feel them, explore them, dare to display them, let us today also hear your approving word—„Good, very very good—our bodies all together and in all our parts, joyfully, wonderfully, unquestionably good."