Loving Provider of all good things, who has shown your love and affection for us your creatures by tenderly endowing us with the physical apparatus for ecstatic pleasure and intense intimacy: Help us to receive with joy what you have given us, to overcome the damaging messages and hurtful experiences of our childhood and youth and the harsh judgments we endure from others and from within ourselves today. Give us the means to know and cherish our bodies and all their parts as fully and completely as we try to know and honor our minds and spirits. Free us to be the human beings you have created us to beógenerous, passionate, enthusiastic, exuberant, playful, eager to taste and feel your goodness in our own bodies and in the ways we share loving touch with others. For in committing our bodies to you and to your service, we commit them to all the joyous possibilities for which you have created them. What a good God you are!