Creative One, Lover of women and men: You have displayed your delight in difference by creating us male and female, by so bringing male from female that the two should carry on a dance from generation to generation, touching and withdrawing, gazing and averting their eyes, clinging to one another and pushing one another away, challenged ever to define self in relation to an other who is almost a clone of self and yet mysteriously different, at once enmeshed siblings and uncomprehending and alienated strangers. Help us to cross the gaping divide of our differences, to relinquish all need to dominate or diminish the other, to experience compassion for the otherís foibles and admiration for the otherís triumphs, to welcome the otherís presence and initiative as a gift and not a trial or torment. For you have given us to each other for community and mutual care and the shared fulfillment of the unqualified and unconditional love you have poured out on each one of us.