James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
Institute of Humanistic Science

  • Every pregnancy is a wanted pregnancy. Every child is a wanted child.
  • Every pregnancy should be free from alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other harmful agents of stress.
  • Every pregnancy should have proper nutrition and health.
  • Every normal birth should be without drugs.
  • Every birth should be a loving event with family and friends.
  • Every baby should be breast-fed for two years or longer and be given a loving massage every day.
  • Every baby should be carried on the body of its mother, father or caretaker as much as possible with mother/infant sleeping together during the formative first years of life.
  • No baby, child or person should be subjected to any form of genital mutilation for reasons of religious belief or social custom.
  • No baby or child should be hit, spanked or humiliated.
  • No baby or child should be left to cry itself to sleep.
  • The personal dignity of every baby and child should always be respected and affirmed.
  • The emerging sexuality of every child and adolescent should always be respected and affirmed.
  • The right of self-determination in the sexual expression of affection and love is a basic human right of all persons.
  • Every human being should receive a loving massage every day.
  • Sexual affection and sexual love are essential wellsprings for human peace, harmony and peace.
  • The home and family is the cradle of alienation and violence or the cradle of love and universal peace.