Adolescent Sexuality



 "We slept on the floor because there weren't any couches or anything.  We only did it so that we could make love.  So it was like unplanned, and I hadn't used any kind of contraceptive.  And it was just as I thought it would be.  I had known him about four weeks, which was longer than I had known anybody else." (17 year old girl recalling her first intercourse at 14)

"Sex ed class was boring.  Everyone knew ahead of time what they were going to talk about.  Big words. Very technical.  They never once mentioned sexual intercourse.  All about how fast the sperms travel.  Blah, blah, blah.  It never changed my opinion on anything.  If you're a virgin--I learned at school--there must be something wrong with you.  If you have not had intercourse by eighth grade, then you're probably a fag.  That's what everybody said, you know.  I heard it in sex education classes, not from the teacher but from the kids." (15 year old boy)

"I think when you're with a person you love, you can enjoy taking your time.  When you're with a person you don't love, it's just waiting for the body to get to specific stages.  When you are with a person you love, it's waiting for your body, your mind, and your emotions to reach each stage, and it takes a longer time.  I think that if you're with someone you love, you don't even have to have intercourse.  You can get satisfaction out of just doing other things.  I can get satisfaction out of just sleeping with someone.  I really like waking up and finding them there in the morning.  To me that's so great." (18 year old boy)