Modern Biblical Study
  • Gary Pence, "Bible" (1998)
    Why and in what sense is the Bible inspired, revelatory, and authoritative?

  • Gustav Niebuhr, "The Bible, as History, Flunks New Archeological Tests."  New York Times.  July 29, 2000.

  • Robert Smith on the Book of Revelation
    On February 8, 1999, Craig Koester of Luther Seminary and Robert Smith of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary lectured at Pacific Lutheran University on the relevance of the Apocalypse, the book of Revelation, for the new millenium. This is a video of Robert Smith's lecture. In it Smith takes a decidedly negative view of the book, arguing that it proposes an image of Christ as a violent warrior in contrast to the loving and peaceable Christ of the Gospels..

  • The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East
    A site created by Ralph W. Klein, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

  • Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
    Many useful links compiled by Torrey Seland, a professor in Biblical Studies at Volda University College, Volda, Norway.

  • From Jesus to Christ
    This Web site, one of a series produced by PBS's public-affairs show "Frontline," is the online component of the television program "From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians." It provides access to commentaries from New Testament scholars, data and graphics from archeological research, audio excerpts from the documentary and visual and textual guides that trace how "a small sect of Judaism ultimately eclipsed the power of the gods of Olympus." Also included are a discussion board, a Biblical quiz and many resources concerning the life of Jesus and the rise of Christianity.

Healing Religion's Harm
Gary Pence, Ph.D.